The only way is up

March 28, 2018

Some time ago, my husband and I moved into the house of our dreams, a double story with a beautiful view of Port Phillip Bay.

It soon became evident, because of some health problems I developed, that I was not managing the stairs very well.

With our living and sleeping quarters upstairs and the utilities below, the challenge of the stairs was a daily concern.

I felt a bit like a prisoner in my own home, as I relied heavily on my husband to do all the heavy lifting, bringing the shopping upstairs, and the, washing down and up. My focus was using my upper body to help me in the assent.

A friend saw the Residential Lift on display at a home show and referred the company to us. Within a very short time we had a lift installed which has turned my life around.

It fits so neatly into our décor, that one of our guests sitting at the dining table looking at the lift, wondered where it was.

The Residential Lift Company staff were always courteous, helpful and the lift was installed without any inconvenience to us.
I’m very grateful to the Residential Lift company, for this simple, attractive, reasonably priced lift, which has given me back my independence.