About Us

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Peter and Rosemary van Emmerik believe life is just one big adventure and The peter_rosemaryResidential Lift Company that they started after Peter’s second retirement is the continuation of this belief.

The Residential Lift Company designs and manufactures the RESiLIFT.  Australia’s most affordable and reliable residential lifts. To check out the full range of RESiLIFTS  click here.

RESiLIFTS are distributed in most states across Australia.

Peter came from a Dutch family who lived in Indonesia.  After the Japanese occupation of Java, they migrated to Tasmania in 1951 by a miraculous set of circumstances.

Rosemary came from a British background.  She, her mother and sister, were evacuated from Singapore the day before it fell in 1942 and initially settled in Perth, Western Australia.

Their exciting life together began in 1962 when they married and Rosemary moved to Tasmania where they had four children and can now boast of 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Peter worked with the Hydro in a variety of engineering roles the construction of dams until for almost 40 years.  His innovative style, coupled with his knowledge of stresses was widely recognized and sought after. After his first retirement in 1991 he did some contracting work for the Hydro until 1994 when he gained a position in Jakarta as Chief Design Engineer.

Rosemary had a secretarial career and she held many positions e.g. with the Managing Director of BP Australia, Sales Manager, Cadbury’s, the Hobart College and for a travel company as well as many voluntary roles.  In 1990 she established her own mobile secretarial business which had over 100 clients.  She sold this to move to Jakarta and it continues to operate today.

After returning to Australia in 1999 and another brief taste of retirement, Peter designed a residential to allow people to stay in their homes. To achieve this, he teamed up with an old school friend, Jim Hursey, an Electrical Engineer.

By June 2004 the first proto-type was operating in Peter and Rosemary’s home in Lenah Valley. The design was certified by SEMF and accepted by Workplace Standards Tasmania. It was granted a patent for its unique design which minimises the impact on the home.  The lift received a high commendation from the Institute of Engineers in 2009.

Since then Peter and Rosemary have continued their life of adventure; setting up their first commercial business together – Peter as Production manager, Rosemary as Sales manager.  Together they have sold and installed over 200 within Tasmania, started expanding throughout Australia and New Zealand and now have family member actively involved.

During this time, the lift has proven to be a reliable and maintenance free product.  They are committed to high customer satisfaction and quality customer service.

Peter and Rosemary look forward to the future and passing on the family business to the next generation whilst still developing ideas and new models to meet the growing market.